Score this Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller for Under $235

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This content may contain affiliate links. If you would like to support us and use these links to buy something, we may earn a commission. Prices are effective at publishing time only and prices can change at any time. So hurry while they are still available.

The Rachio – 16-zone 3rd Generation Smart Sprinkler Controller is currently available for $220.99. This smart irrigation system is designed to reduce water usage and subsequently lower your water bill by up to 50%, while still maintaining a healthy garden. It features Weather Intelligence Plus, which includes Rain Skip, Wind Skip, and Freeze Skip functions to automatically omit unnecessary watering based on the latest weather conditions. The controller can be managed remotely through an easy-to-use app, allowing users to run sprinklers, schedule watering, and monitor estimated outdoor water usage from anywhere. Installation is straightforward and can typically be completed within 30 minutes without the need for special tools. The Rachio controller is compatible with the majority of existing sprinkler systems and is designed to replace 97% of existing controllers. It also offers personalized watering schedules that adapt to the unique characteristics of your lawn, such as plant and soil types, as well as sun exposure. As a smart device, it integrates with several leading smart-home platforms, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Nest, among others, providing a convenient and efficient way to manage your watering needs. This product could be an ideal choice for individuals seeking to conserve water, save money on their utility bills, and have a more convenient, tech-integrated gardening experience.


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