Samsung Announces New Bespoke AI Kitchen Appliances

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Samsung Electronics America, Inc. has expanded its Bespoke kitchen appliance lineup to include new 4-Door Flex refrigerator models and a redesigned series of premium slide-in ranges. Among these is the Bespoke Slide-in Induction Range, which Samsung describes as its most advanced induction range to date. The expansion is designed to continue the Bespoke brand’s emphasis on aesthetic appeal and personalization while incorporating AI technology aimed at simplifying meal preparation and cooking.

For a limited time, when you pre-order one of Samsung’s new Bespoke AI Kitchen Appliances, you can get up to $1,200 off, free install, free haul away of old appliances, and a potential trade-in credit.

The company’s Senior Vice President and Head of Home Appliance Business, Shane Higby, explained that the expansion of the Bespoke line is a response to consumer demand for customizable, design-centric home appliances. The latest products are enhanced with AI features and connectivity, which are intended to help consumers accomplish more in the kitchen.

Samsung’s Bespoke AI kitchen appliances are integrated with SmartThings for a connected experience that assists with meal prep, grocery shopping, and kitchen appliance management. The appliances come equipped with intuitive touchscreen displays that allow for various interactions, including checking cooking status, adjusting settings, and controlling other connected devices. The touchscreens can also handle calls and answer the front door, facilitating uninterrupted meal preparation.

The SmartThings app provides remote control of the kitchen appliances, while the Smart Oven Camera in the Induction Range allows users to monitor their oven from a smartphone or Samsung TV. This feature aims to prevent the need to open the oven door, thus maintaining the cooking environment and saving energy.

Additionally, Samsung Food is integrated with Samsung Health and SmartThings, offering the capability to tailor recipes to individual dietary requirements and preferences. Instructions from these customized recipes can be displayed on the AI Family Hub+ fridge and the Induction Range for convenient reference during cooking.

Samsung Food’s new Communities section enables users to find, share, and discuss recipes and cooking tips, fostering connections with other food enthusiasts. Furthermore, users can monitor and manage their appliance’s energy consumption through the SmartThings app, with an AI Energy Mode available to optimize power usage and potentially reduce the home’s carbon footprint.

The new suite of Samsung Bespoke kitchen appliances is currently available for pre-order on the Samsung website. For more information about Samsung’s new Bespoke kitchen appliances and to take advantage of the limited time pre-order deal, check out Samsung’s website here.

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