Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum on Sale for Under $180

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This content may contain affiliate links. If you would like to support us and use these links to buy something, we may earn a commission. Prices are effective at publishing time only and prices can change at any time. So hurry while they are still available.

You may consider purchasing the iRobot Roomba 694 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum in Charcoal Grey, currently priced at $179.99. This vacuum is designed to facilitate the cleaning of your home through automation. The Roomba 694 can be scheduled to perform daily cleaning through the iRobot HOME app or via voice commands, interfacing with Google Assistant or Alexa. This feature is convenient for maintaining clean floors without manual intervention.

The product incorporates a 3 Stage Cleaning system and Dual Multi-Surface brushes that are effective on both carpets and hard floors, supplemented by an Edge-Sweeping brush for corners and edges. Its adaptive navigation capabilities are supported by advanced sensors, allowing the vacuum to maneuver around and under furniture and to avoid falling down stairs due to its Cliff Detect feature.

With its Dirt Detect Sensors, the Roomba 694 identifies and gives extra attention to areas with more traffic or higher dirt accumulation. The device also learns from your cleaning habits to propose personalized cleaning schedules and can suggest additional cleaning sessions during high pollen counts or pet shedding seasons.

The vacuum is designed to clean everyday, adapting to the unique layout of your home with its array of cleaning features and sensors. The Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head enables it to clean carpets and hard floors effectively by adjusting its height as needed. For convenience, the Roomba 694 operates for up to 90 minutes and can automatically return to its docking station to recharge, ensuring it is ready for the next cleaning session.


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