Roborock Announces Number One Place in Robot Vacuum Sales

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Roborock, an international producer of home robotics, has achieved the leading position in worldwide robotic vacuum sales, based on data from Euromonitor. The company, which was established in 2014, credited its customer-focused innovation for its growth and success. At a global launch event preceding its 10-year anniversary, Roborock shared its future plans and introduced upcoming product lines.

The brand’s president, Mr. Quan, expressed gratitude for the support that has led to this milestone, emphasizing a commitment to long-term strategies and customer value as key factors in Roborock’s achievements. The company has expanded its reach to over 170 countries and serves more than 15 million homes. Market performance data indicates Roborock’s strong positions in various countries, including being ranked number one in Turkey and Germany, and number two in the US in terms of sales, as well as leading in shipments in Korea and the Nordics for 2023.

Roborock’s financials reflect robust growth, with total revenue reaching 8.65 billion Yuan (approximately 1.22 billion USD) and net profit at 2.05 billion Yuan (around 288 million USD). The overseas operation of the company has seen a revenue increase of 21.42% from the previous year, and total robotic vacuum shipments exceeded 2.6 million units in the last year.

The company’s expansion plans include the introduction of innovative products designed for global consumers’ needs and more partnerships to strengthen its international presence. Roborock has invested significantly in Research and Development, spending 1.9 billion Yuan (260 million USD) from 2019 to 2023. This investment has led to the development of new technologies like the FlexiArm Design Side Brush for enhanced corner cleaning and an auto water refill and drainage system for low-maintenance mopping.

Additionally, Roborock has been focusing on AI technologies, such as the Reactive AI 2.0 Obstacle Recognition, which can identify 73 different types of obstacles, and the SmartPlanTM function, which optimizes cleaning paths based on user habits and home layouts. The S8 MaxV Ultra model is now certified by CSA for Matter, with more products expected to follow, to improve smart home connectivity.

For more detailed information regarding Roborock’s products and innovations, check out Roborock’s website here.

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