Roborock Announces New Flagship S8 Max Series Launch

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Roborock, a company specializing in smart home robotics, has announced the launch of its S8 Max Series robot vacuums in the United States. The new series, which includes the S8 MaxV Ultra and S8 Max Ultra models, is slated for open sales from April 22 to April 28, 2023. Both products offer an extended warranty of up to five years, along with exclusive gift packages.

The S8 Max Series is an upgrade from the previous S7 MaxV Series and features the first all-around docking system. Richard Chang, the founder and CEO of Roborock, emphasized the significance of the new series, noting the inclusion of the FlexiArm Design Side Brush and the upgraded VibraRise3.0 Mopping System. These advancements are part of Roborock’s commitment to excellence and innovation in product development.

The S8 Max Series has received positive reviews from various media outlets, with recognition as “Best of CES 2024.” It offers features such as the FlexiArm Design Side Brush and Extra Edge Spinning Mop System for comprehensive edge cleaning and corner coverage. The S8 MaxV Ultra has a suction power of 10,000Pa, while the S8 Max Ultra provides 8,000Pa. The VibraRise 3.0 Mopping System includes two vibration modules and sonic mopping at 4,000 times per minute, with a 20mm mop module lift to prevent carpets from getting damp during mopping.

The series also introduces the RockDock Ultra system, which uses 60°C hot water and heated air for maintenance. An optional dock variant offers automatic refill and drainage. Other technologies integrated into the series include a built-in voice assistant, DirTect mess recognition, Reactive AI 2.0 obstacle avoidance, and more.

As an exclusive offer, the S8 MaxV Ultra comes with a free Flexi Lite wet/dry vacuum cleaner. For more information, please visit Roborock’s website here.

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