Roborock Announces Matter Support with S8 MaxV Ultra Robot Vacuum

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Roborock, renowned for its development of intelligent home robotics, has announced that its S8 MaxV Ultra robotic vacuum is the first in the world to achieve Matter certification. This certification, bestowed by the CSA Alliance following comprehensive testing at the UL Solutions IoT Lab, marks a significant milestone in smart home device interoperability.

Matter is an open-source protocol designed to ensure safe, reliable, and convenient smart home devices that can connect across various home ecosystems. This protocol allows devices to communicate using current technologies like Wi-Fi, BLE, and Thread, with the goal of eliminating compatibility issues between different ecosystems.

The S8 MaxV Ultra robotic vacuum incorporates the Matter protocol and features a number of intelligent design elements and performance capabilities. These include a flexible robotic arm for its side brush, the VibraRise 3.0 Sonic Mopping System with edge mopping capabilities, and the ability to wash mops with hot water. The Matter certification enables the S8 MaxV Ultra to potentially integrate with major smart home ecosystems such as those from Apple, Amazon, and Google, facilitating seamless interactions and a more diversified user experience.

The vacuum also includes advanced smart home features like an intelligent voice assistant named “Hello Rocky,” video calling, and DirTect technology for automatic adjustment of cleaning settings. Its Reactive AI 2.0 enhances obstacle recognition and avoidance, while the FlexiArm Design Side Brush and Extra Edge Mop System ensure thorough cleaning in corners and hard-to-reach areas.

Additionally, the RockDock Ultra docking station supports automatic emptying, refilling, and self-cleaning, with 60°C hot water used for mop washing and heated air for drying. The frequency of mop washing and re-mopping tasks is adjusted based on the level of detected dirt.

The S8 MaxV Ultra also features the VibraRise 3.0 Mopping System, which uses dual vibration modules and a sonic mopping frequency to tackle tough stains, and boasts industry-leading suction power of 10,000Pa alongside dual all-rubber brushes.

Roborock intends to continue investing in the development of new smart home products that comply with Matter certification standards, aiming to provide high-quality products and an enhanced user experience, leading the way toward a fully integrated smart home environment.

For additional information on the Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra robotic vacuum and its features, please visit the manufacturer’s website here.

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