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Ring, a company providing security devices, has introduced the Ring Battery Doorbell Pro to its line of Pro devices. This new product is a battery-operated doorbell featuring radar technology aimed at enhancing the accuracy of outdoor motion alerts. The company reports that a significant majority (78%) of its customers use battery-powered doorbells, and the Battery Doorbell Pro offers improved motion detection capabilities.

The Battery Doorbell Pro comes with radar-powered 3D Motion Detection, which allows for more precise motion alerts. It includes features such as Bird’s Eye Zones and Bird’s Eye View, which provide an aerial perspective, enabling the doorbell to send alerts only when movement is detected within a specified area. The device features 1536p HD+ Video, Audio+, and Quick Replies for improved interaction and communication.

The image quality of the Battery Doorbell Pro is enhanced by the alignment of its lens with high-quality imaging sensors, and the use of Dynamic Image processing along with high-efficiency compression. This results in life-like color and sharpness in the video output. The device is also equipped with Low-Light Sight, which allows for color video even in low-light conditions with the help of ambient light sources like streetlights.

Additionally, the Ring Battery Doorbell Pro is designed to integrate seamlessly with other Ring devices, allowing customers to create a comprehensive home security system. It can be paired with products such as the Stick Up Cam Pro, and Ring Alarm Pro, which provides 24/7 Backup Internet with the purchase of a Ring Protect Pro subscription. The doorbell can remain functional during power outages with this backup feature. A Ring Protect Plan subscription also grants access to cloud storage, person and package alerts, rich notifications, and Modes. Motion alerts can also be received on compatible Alexa devices, and users can connect the doorbell to an Echo Show device for video display and voice commands.

For more information on the Ring Battery Doorbell Pro and its features, interested individuals are encouraged to visit the Ring’s website here.

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