Reolink Announces Argus 4 Pro Outdoor Security Camera

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Reolink has introduced the Argus 4 Pro, a new addition to its Argus camera series. This camera is designed with advanced technology and user-focused features to enhance home and business surveillance. The Argus 4 Pro offers a 4K UHD 180° view with color vision capabilities both day and night.

The camera utilizes dual 4mm lenses to achieve a 180° ultra-wide-angle view with 4K UHD resolution. This design minimizes image distortion and provides a clear panoramic view. The advanced algorithms further reduce distortion, ensuring comprehensive coverage and detailed image capture.

Reolink’s ColorX technology enables the Argus 4 Pro to capture full-color images in low light conditions without the need for infrared lights or spotlights. This results in bright and vivid nighttime images, similar to those taken during the day. Additionally, the camera’s night vision mode reduces power consumption by 2W/h and extends battery life by 30% compared to other IR 4K UHD cameras.

The Argus 4 Pro features Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 technology, making it the first battery-powered home security camera capable of smooth 4K streaming. This ensures fast data transfer, real-time previews, and swift recording downloads, even with multiple devices connected.

Privacy and security are key priorities for Reolink. The Argus 4 Pro includes end-to-end encryption, customizable privacy settings, and various data storage options, all without subscription fees.

Key features of the Argus 4 Pro include:
– 4K UHD 180° blindspot-free view
– All-day color vision
– 30% more battery life
– Wi-Fi 6 ready for smooth 4K streaming
– Easy installation
– Enhanced smart detection with accurate alerts
– Diverse local storage support (128GB SD card and Reolink Home Hub)
– Remote access capabilities
– 24-hour battery life with just 10 minutes of charging

For more information, visit the Reolink website here.

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