Rachio to Launch New Devices for Spring

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Rachio, a brand specializing in smart-yard technology and sustainable watering solutions, has recently expanded its product offerings on the Rachio Market, which is the company’s dedicated online marketplace. This expansion coincides with the beginning of the spring season and marks the third year of the marketplace’s operation. The Rachio Market is designed to be a comprehensive resource for homeowners who are looking for intelligent and environmentally friendly products for their outdoor spaces.

The marketplace features a variety of products, including Rachio’s own smart-watering devices like the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller and the Smart Hose Timer, which have received positive ratings. In addition to its core products, Rachio also offers a selection of landscaping tools, outdoor technology items, and other products aimed at enhancing the outdoor living experience and integrating with smart home systems.

For the start of the spring growing season, the brand has introduced several new products intended to support lawn and garden care for both novice and experienced gardeners. Among these products is the MySoil Test Kit, which is designed to analyze soil health by providing insights into soil nutrient levels and fertilization requirements. The test kit, which starts at $34.99, allows users to send a soil sample to MySoil’s lab and receive detailed results online.

Another new offering is the Sunday Spring Starter Kit, priced at $77, which includes products for weed control, growth enhancement, and lawn greening. Additionally, Rachio has introduced gardening accessories such as a garden tool set, a kneeling pad, and a gardener’s tote, with prices ranging from $14.99 to $34.99.

Rachio is currently running promotional discounts through March 24th, which include 20% off on Rachio devices, 15% off the Sunday Spring Starter Kit, and 30% off the Above Umbrella.

For more information about Rachio and their devices, check out the Rachio website here.

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