On Sale – Save Over $100 on this Highly Rated Roomba Robot Vacuum


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This content may contain affiliate links. If you would like to support us and use these links to buy something, we may earn a commission.

The iRobot Roomba 694 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum is currently available for purchase at a reduced price of $159.99, which is a $115 discount from its regular price. This product is designed to facilitate smarter home cleaning. It is capable of creating customized cleaning schedules based on the user’s cleaning habits, targeting daily accumulations of dirt, dust, and debris on both carpets and hard floors. The device is equipped with a 3 Stage Cleaning system and Dual Multi-Surface brushes for effective dirt extraction, as well as an Edge-Sweeping brush for corners and edges.

The Roomba 694 also features adaptive navigation with a suite of advanced sensors that enable it to maneuver around and under furniture, and avoid falling down stairs. The Dirt Detect Sensors are particularly adept at identifying high-traffic areas that may need more thorough cleaning. The robot vacuum is designed to offer a cleaning system with smart sensors that adapt to the unique home environment for a daily clean. Its Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head can automatically change its height to clean both carpets and hard floors efficiently.

The vacuum has a running time of up to 90 minutes and is programmed to automatically dock and recharge when its battery runs low. Furthermore, the Roomba 694 is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, allowing users to initiate cleaning sessions with voice commands. The iRobot HOME app provides additional control and scheduling options. During times of high pollen or during pet shedding season, the vacuum can suggest extra cleanings to maintain floor cleanliness. This product is thus suitable for individuals looking for an automated cleaning solution that can adapt to their lifestyle and keep their floors clean with minimal effort.


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