Nobi Debuts Ceiling Mounted Fall-Detecting Smart Lamps

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Nobi has announced the release of its newest product, Nobi Ceiling, a ceiling-mounted smart lamp designed to detect falls, monitor health, and observe activity patterns of older adults. This product is an addition to Nobi’s line of AI-powered Smart Lamps, previously established in the European market and U.S. senior living facilities.

Statistics show that falls are a significant risk for older adults, with one in three people over the age of 65 falling at least once a year. The severity of falls is highlighted by the fact that half of the older adults who lie on the floor for more than one hour after a fall die within six months. Nobi’s products are designed to detect all falls, providing a critical safety net for this vulnerable population.

The Nobi Ceiling lamp is available in two colors, desert and slate, and is intended for use in living rooms and bedrooms. The company also offers Nobita, a smaller version for bathrooms and kitchens. Both products function by detecting a fall and asking the person if they are okay. In the absence of a response, the lamp automatically sends a notification to caregivers or family members.

The lamps do not require the user to press a button to signal for help, as they are equipped with AI that detects falls and sends alerts within 30 seconds, ensuring that help is summoned even if the individual is unconscious.

Nobi’s technology also includes features to prevent falls. The smart lamps have been shown to prevent 4 out of 5 falls in senior living facilities. Key preventive measures include automated lighting that reduces disorientation at night and notifying caregivers when an older adult gets out of bed or leaves their room, allowing for timely assistance.

For more information on Nobi’s products, please visit the their website here.

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