Midea Announces new Matter Enabled TastePro Smart Oven at CSA 2024

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Midea has expanded its range of Matter-certified products with the introduction of the X23 TastePro oven, which was showcased at the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) Member Meeting in Singapore from March 18th to March 21st. Matter is a standardized protocol for smart home connectivity, aimed at ensuring interoperability between a wide range of smart devices from different manufacturers.

The Midea X23 TastePro oven is designed to integrate seamlessly into the Matter ecosystem, facilitating a unified setup process for various connected home appliances, including air conditioners, fan purifiers, dishwashers, and now ovens. The goal is to allow consumers to connect their Midea devices using the same procedure, regardless of the type of appliance.

Once the X23 TastePro oven is connected to the Matter network, it is capable of communicating with other Matter-compatible devices within the home, irrespective of their brand. This interoperability is a key feature of the Matter connectivity standard.

In addition to its Matter compatibility, the Midea X23 TastePro oven is equipped with several features. It offers the functionality to bake, roast, and grill. The oven incorporates patented graphene technology, which is intended to provide precise cooking control. Midea has also implemented XpressHeating technology, which is claimed to reduce cooking times.

For more information about the Midea X23 TastePro oven and its Matter connectivity features, check out Midea’s website here.

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