MAMMOTION Announces their Robotic Mower with Lawn Art

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MAMMOTION, a company specializing in robotic outdoor solutions, has recently launched the YUKA robotic lawn mower. This device integrates 3D vision and boasts the capability to perform lawn mowing, sweeping, and lawn imagery printing.

The YUKA is designed to cater to the lawn maintenance needs of small to mid-sized properties. One of its notable features is the world’s first self-emptying lawn sweeper, which autonomously collects and discards leaves, twigs, and other debris. YUKA’s autonomous navigation system employs 3D Vision and an enhanced RTK dual system for wireless full yard coverage, enabling the mower to operate even in areas where GPS signals are compromised. For safety, it utilizes 3D visual deep learning to identify and avoid obstacles, protecting children and small animals in its path.

Additionally, the mower offers an AI-powered lawn printing technology that allows users to create custom designs on their lawns with a simple app click.

The efficiency of the YUKA mower is enhanced by a 320mm dual cutting disc, adjustable cutting heights ranging from 30-100mm, and intelligent route planning. Users can manage multiple zones with different schedules and cutting modes via the MAMMOTION app.

Further features include voice control integration with smart home devices, smart rain detection, automatic charging, 4G GPS tracking, and a solar-powered RTK system for environmental sustainability.

Jidong Wei, CEO of MAMMOTION, emphasized that YUKA not only simplifies the mowing and sweeping process but also allows homeowners to create landscape art at the touch of an app.

For more information, please visit MAMMOTION’s website here.

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