Levoit Announces their Superior 6000S Smart Humidifier

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Levoit, a top home humidification brand, has raised the bar in the home humidification market with the launch of their new product, the Levoit Superior 6000S Smart Evaporative Humidifier. Designed to create a healthier and optimally humidified home environment, this premium whole-home evaporative humidifier is compact, sleek, and mobile, making it an excellent addition to any household, especially during cold and flu season.

One of the key features of the Superior 6000S is its ability to hygienically humidify most homes, up to 3,000 sq. feet, using evaporative humidification technology. This technology effectively filters out minerals that can be released into the air, ensuring cleaner and fresher air quality. Additionally, the humidifier is equipped with elevated, high-quality filter wicks and features a Dry Mode, which helps prevent mold and mildew growth when the unit is turned off.

Convenience is also a priority with the Superior 6000S. Unlike other whole-home humidifiers that require distilled water, this humidifier can be easily filled using just tap water. The included hose allows for easy access to a water faucet, making setup and use a breeze. Furthermore, the Superior 6000S is collapsible and easy to store, eliminating the hassle of bulky and unattractive humidifiers that take up unnecessary space.

The Superior 6000S boasts several standout features, including its ultra-efficient and health-forward air intake and humidification system. With a unique 4-sided air intake, it provides whole-house air circulation and 360-degree humidification. The humidification wicks are designed to last an impressive 3 to 6 months, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Its Dry Mode ensures that the filter remains dry, preventing the common issue of mold breeding in many humidifiers.

Equipped with a superior DC motor, the Superior 6000S is powerful yet energy-efficient. With just a 36-watt energy expenditure, it consumes over 50% less energy than competitor products with AC motors. Additionally, the DC motor operates quietly at 30-40 dB, providing a peaceful and undisturbed environment.

The Superior 6000S also incorporates smart programming, technology, and an app for added convenience. It offers various modes, including Auto, Home, Away, Dry, and Sleep, allowing for optimized humidity based on the in-home temperature. The humidifier can be controlled through the VeSync app and is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for voice control. This allows users to access and program modes, select fan speed, control the display, and manage the filter life.

For more information about the Levoit Superior 6000S Smart Evaporative Humidifier, check out their website here.

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