JBL Announces New Authentics Speakers

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JBL recently announced their new line of smart speakers, the Authentics. JBL is known for their speakers – smart speakers, sound bars, headphones, and more fill their product offerings. These are beautiful, retro inspired speakers that have some of the best of today’s speaker tech baked into them.

The Authentics line of JBL speakers have an aluminum frame for durability, as well as a dark leather like paneling with brass highlights giving it a high end look. These speakers can be considered a statement piece and work of art in their own right, and look amazing displayed on a shelf or table.

The JBL Authentics line has the best of music streaming technologies in it – including Apple AirPlay, Amazon Music, Google Chromecast, and Spotify Connect. With these providers, you can even use the multi-room play functionality if you have other speakers set up. These speakers stream via Wi-Fi, so you don’t have to worry about leaving the area and losing your connection to the speaker. These speakers also receive automatic software and feature updates via Wi-Fi, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it updated for security or the newest features.

Unlike previous generations of JBL speakers, the Authentics have both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa available simultaneously. This allows the Authentics to easily integrate into most smart home setups. It also allows you to control other smart home devices or the music playback with just your voice and the speaker.

For audiophiles, this speaker automatically calibrates and self tunes to optimize for it’s location ( since the sound quality can vary depending on the environment the speaker is in ). You can also use the JBL app or on-device controls to customize the bass and treble levels of the speaker.

For more information about the JBL Authentics line of speakers, check out JBL’s website here.

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