INNODIGYM Announces their P1 Lite and P1 Lite Plus Smart Gyms

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INNODIGYM has introduced two new versions of their fitness equipment, the P1 Lite and the P1 Lite Plus. The P1 Lite Plus is designed to accommodate up to 133 pounds of resistance and comes with wall-hanging accessories for a variety of workouts. It also connects to an app that provides a free training program and logs workout data. The P1 Lite is designed with a slimmer profile, offering resistance levels from 4.4 to 133 pounds, and is particularly targeted towards women’s fitness needs.

The INNODIGYM equipment eliminates the need for bulky traditional gym gear by offering four training modes: strength, muscle building, endurance, and power, with no installation required. The digital fitness solution allows users to make precise adjustments to their workout routines.

The P1 Lite and P1 Lite Plus offer different features. The P1 Lite Plus includes comprehensive accessories such as handles, a waist belt, ankle straps, and wall-mounted accessories optimized for chest and back workouts. Both models feature intelligent electromagnetic resistance regulation technology, with adjustable resistance ranging from 4.4 to 133 pounds.

The products are ultra-thin, with a weight of 26 pounds and an area of 0.26 square meters, and include retractable handles for easy lifting. The INNODIGYM Smart App complements the equipment by providing access to a library of movement instructions, training templates, and the ability to monitor workout data without subscription fees.

INNODIGYM’s founder and CEO, Jason Ren, expressed that the mission of the company is to provide accessible and versatile fitness solutions that simplify home workouts..

For additional information about the INNODIGYM P1 series, check out their Kickstarter.

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