Hisense Demos new TV’s and Smart Kitchen Appliances at CES 2024

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During the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, Hisense introduced its range of home appliances and the integration with the ConnectLife smart platform and VIDAA TV operating system. The company displayed how its products are designed to enhance the consumer experience within the home environment.

Home Entertainment Innovations

Hisense unveiled updates to its Smart TV lineup, which includes several models:

  • The 98UX Mini LED TV offers more than 10,000 local dimming zones, intended to provide precise light control and heightened contrast. It boasts a peak brightness of 5,000 nits.
  • The 110UX Mini LED TV, which has received a CES Innovation Award, features up to 10,000 nits of peak brightness and incorporates over 40,000 backlight zones across a 110-inch screen. This design aims to reduce backlight bleed and improve contrast.
  • The 75UX Mini LED TV is promoted as Hisense’s slimmest Mini LED TV at less than 14 millimeters in depth. It also includes 5,000 dimming zones for superior contrast.
  • CanvasTV is created to combine technology with art and personalization, featuring a zero-gap wall mount for a flush fit against the wall.

These televisions are part of Hisense’s Smart Home ecosystem, which focuses on the interconnectivity between devices and a seamless content experience.

Advancements in Smart Kitchen Technology

Hisense also showcased its smart kitchen appliances:

  • The 4-Door Smart Refrigerator with VersaTemp Zone is designed to manage food inventory and provide recipe suggestions. The VersaTemp Drawer can switch from a refrigerator to a soft freezer.
  • The Smart Built-In Dishwasher with Autodose & AutoDry has earned a 2024 CES Innovation Award. This dishwasher features an automatic detergent dispensing system for a more convenient cleaning process.

The integration of these smart kitchen appliances aims to enhance consumer convenience and precision in meal preparation.

For more information on Hisense’s products and technologies, please visit the Hiesense’s website.

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