Google Home Just Upped Its Game: APIs Open for Better Device Interaction

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Google has just announced an exciting update for smart home enthusiasts: the opening of their Google Home APIs to all developers. This move aims to enhance the integration and interaction of various smart devices within the Google Home ecosystem.

With the new Home APIs, developers can now build innovative experiences that work seamlessly with Google Home, utilizing over 600 million connected devices. This means better and more responsive smart home setups, with the ability to automate and control devices with greater ease and efficiency. Whether you’re managing lights, thermostats, or security systems, the possibilities are now endless.

Key features of the Home APIs include:

Developer Access:

Any developer can build an experience that integrates with Google Home, regardless of whether the app is specifically for smart home devices or other functionalities.

Device Integration:

The Device and Structure APIs allow apps to control and manage connected devices such as Matter light bulbs and the Nest Learning Thermostat. Users must grant explicit access to their devices, and developers need to pass certification before launching their app.


The Automation API enables the creation and management of home automations using Google Home’s automation engine and intelligent signals. Automations can be triggered by various device signals and Google’s intelligence signals like home and away status.

Hubs Expansion:

Google is expanding the hubs for Google Home to include Chromecast with Google TV, select panel TVs running Android 14 or higher, and eligible LG brand TVs. This will enable faster and more responsive local control of Matter devices.

Partner Collaborations:

Google is working with brands across various industries to create smart home experiences. Examples include ADT’s Trusted Neighbor for secure home access, LG TVs as hubs, and Eve Systems bringing their automation experience to Android.

In a detailed blog post, Google outlined how these APIs will support developers in creating apps that integrate smoothly with Google Home, whether the apps are specifically for smart home devices or not. The new APIs will allow for advanced automation using Google’s intelligent signals and make use of existing devices like Chromecast and LG TVs as hubs for smarter, faster control.

This is great news for anyone with smart home devices, as it promises more cohesive and user-friendly interactions within the Google Home ecosystem. From automating your lights to controlling your home’s climate, these advancements will make managing your smart home more intuitive and enjoyable.

For more details on this groundbreaking update, you can read the full announcement on the Google Developers Blog here.

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