Get 24% Off and Cleaner Floors: Roborock S8 Plus Vac & Mop Sale

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This content may contain affiliate links. If you would like to support us and use these links to buy something, we may earn a commission. Prices are effective at publishing time only and prices can change at any time. So hurry while they are still available.

The Roborock S8 Plus Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum & Mop with Self-Empty Dock is currently available for $759.99. This device offers convenience through hands-free cleaning, as it can automatically empty its contents into a 2.5L dust bag, which holds up to seven weeks of dirt, reducing your need to manually intervene. Its DuoRoller brush system features dual rubber brushes that improve vacuuming and reduce hair tangles. The Roborock S8 Plus boasts a HyperForce suction power of 6000 Pa, ensuring efficient particle pick-up.

Integrated intelligent mop lifting allows you to mop and vacuum simultaneously without moistening carpets, thanks to an automatic 5 mm mop lift. The Carpet Boost+ system enhances carpet cleaning, increasing hair pick-up by 30% compared to the Roborock S7. Its PreciSense LiDAR Navigation creates detailed maps for optimal cleaning paths, and with Reactive 3D obstacle avoidance, it can identify hazards in any light condition.

Control is provided via the Roborock App, which gives you command over various cleaning aspects, including suction power and mopping intensity. The sonic mopping technology scrubs floors with consistent pressure up to 3000 times per minute. Smart suggestion for No-Go zones helps prevent the vacuum from getting stuck.

The 3D mapping feature enables you to build a virtual model of your home for precise cleaning. Off-peak charging can be scheduled to save on electricity costs. Voice control compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Siri Shortcuts offers additional convenience. Lastly, the device’s powerful battery supports up to 180 minutes of cleaning on a single charge, allowing you to clean larger areas in one session.


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