EZVIZ Announces new Solar Powered Smart Doorbell Camera

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EZVIZ, a company specializing in smart home security, has introduced its new product, the EP3x Pro, marking its entrance into the smart entry market with a dual-lens battery video doorbell. The EP3x Pro distinguishes itself from traditional models with its unique design and solar charging feature, emphasizing low maintenance for users.

The doorbell is designed to offer a broadened perspective through its dual lenses, which enable a wider and clearer field of view. The device is equipped with a 2K front view and a 1080p bottom view, aiming to cover more area and effectively reduce blind spots. It is tailored to monitor both visitors and ground-level packages without the need for a subscription for its detection features.

Notifications are sent to users’ smartphones for events such as arrivals or deliveries, enhancing the convenience of monitoring one’s doorstep. The EP3x Pro includes 32GB of built-in eMMC storage, allowing for the replay of recorded videos without additional costs and ensuring data is kept secure on the device.

Installation of the EP3x Pro is designed to be simple, and its performance is comparable to wired models. The product comes with an accompanying solar panel that reduces the need for frequent recharging and can lead to savings on electricity. Even in less sunny conditions, the doorbell’s 5,200 mAh rechargeable battery is reported to last for an extended period. Users also have the option to hardwire the device for continuous power.

The EP3x Pro, which has received recognition with the Asia Design Prize, combines advanced technology with a modern aesthetic intended to suit various front-door environments. It can be managed via the EZVIZ App and is compatible with voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa, offering users a straightforward way to control their home security.

To obtain more information about the EP3x Pro, visit the manufacturer’s website at www.ezviz.com.

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