ecozy Announces Worlds First Smart Nugget Ice Maker

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Ecozy, a global home appliance brand, has introduced a new smart nugget ice maker on Amazon, noted for being the world’s first and most compact model in its category. The device offers chewable and fresh ice with minimal space usage and efficient operation. Controlled through the EcozyHome app or via voice commands with Alexa and Google Assistant, this ice maker integrates advanced features for modern convenience.

Nugget ice is recognized for its soft texture, quick drink chilling properties, and slow melting rate. The ecozy nugget ice maker produces up to 35 lbs of ice per day, outperforming some larger models. The device features a compact design, being 40% smaller in size but with a 37.5% larger ice production capacity compared to standard models.

The smart ice maker allows for scheduling, timing, and remote control of ice production, ensuring fresh ice availability. It includes an automatic cleaning function that sanitizes and descales the machine within a 15-minute cycle. Users can also monitor the device’s usage history through the app. The appliance supports hands-free operation with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Key features of the ice maker include a clear view of the ice, a whisper-quiet fan, a built-in 1.1L water tank, a transparent and removable ice basket, and a carrying handle for portability. A complete cleaning kit is provided for maintenance.

For more information, visit the ecozy’s website here.

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