Dreame Technology Announces their Robot Vacuum

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Today, Dreame technology announced their entry into the robotic vacuum category with their new L20 Ultra. Seeing more and more competition in this space with unique functionality and ideas is exciting.

The Dreame L20 Ultra is a combination vacuum and mopping robot, allowing it to both vacuum floors clean as well as mop up messes. This machine has some really nice new features like the Mop-Extend that allows it to extend the mop into edges and corners to clean them better. No more line of dirt next to the wall! The Dreame L20 also has rotating mops. Older robot vacuums often just pushed around a pad to clean your floor. With this new generation of mops, we are starting to see machines that can actually scrub the floor via rotating brushes. This is exciting as it’ll lead to even cleaner floors.

The L20 comes with a base station capable of storing up to 75 days worth of dirt. The base station also automatically cleans and dries the mop heads after each use to help prevent a buildup of bacteria and bad odors.

Vaccum wise, the Dreame L20 Ultra has 7,000Pa of suction power. When the machine is in combo vacuum / mop mode, you can opt to remove the mop for cleaning higher pile carpets, raise the mop for lower pile carpets, or to skip carpets completely.

Dreame is also extending it’s warranty on these devices to three years, even better protection “just in case”.

For more information about Dreame technology, check out their website here.

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