Dreame Launches Their Smartest Vacuum Yet

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Dreame Technology has announced the availability of the Dreame X40 Ultra robot vacuum as of April 19. The Dreame X40 Ultra features high suction power, an automated cleaning station, an anti-tangle brush, and intelligent mapping technology. It aims to simplify home cleaning with minimal user intervention.

The Dreame X40 Ultra is equipped with four-level mapping capabilities, utilizing an RGB camera and 3D structured light to identify and avoid up to 120 different objects. The device can clean various environments, including light, dark, small, and large spaces.

The vacuum offers powerful suction at 12,000 Pa, designed to clean stubborn stains and pet hair. It features extendable side brushes that can lift and extend, enabling simultaneous sweeping and mopping. The cutting heads are positioned to protect rugs and carpets while removing tangled hair.

The X40 Ultra includes a self-cleaning base station. This station can manage the vacuum’s oscillating mop pads, water tank, and dustbin. The internal dustbin empties into a 3.2-liter dust bag, which only requires emptying every 75 days. The base station also provides the appropriate water-to-solution ratio for cleaning.

Users can control the Dreame X40 Ultra through the Dreamehome app, which offers various features such as extendable side brushes, a hands-free base station, and smart mopping technology.

For more information, visit the Dreame Technology website here.

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