Daisy Launches Smart Home Install and Support Services

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A new company named Daisy is set to enter the home and small business tech services market as a national solution. Daisy aims to help consumers use and enjoy technology in their homes with less frustration by addressing issues such as setup, integration, and maintenance. The company will open offices in various states including California, Texas, Florida, Connecticut, and North Carolina by the second quarter and plans to expand into at least 16 markets by 2024. Their goal is to establish a nationwide presence by 2025.

Daisy is responding to a significant market need, as studies indicate that nearly 60% of consumers desire professional assistance in setting up smart home technologies. This demand has increased by 30% since 2019. The average home now contains about 22 internet-connected devices, which can complicate the installation and maintenance process.

The company’s services will include not only the installation and repair of devices but also recurring service plans. These plans are designed to provide ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring the optimization and compatibility of home devices. The service plans are positioned as affordable and will cover a range of needs from new device setup to dedicated technology support.

Daisy’s business model incorporates high-touch support, intuitive applications, and dependable products. The company aims to exceed customer expectations with pre-designed solutions and innovative thinking. Continuous marketing efforts are also part of their strategy.

Hagan Kappler, the founder and CEO of Daisy, has extensive experience in franchising and home services, having worked with brands across various sectors, including pest control, HVAC, and home cleaning. Kappler has led significant national brands and has formed a strong team with professionals from companies such as Crumbl, Apple, Best Buy, and others.

Daisy positions itself as a curator to assist people with their technology needs in the home, aligning its services as critical for the professional workforce who depend on home office productivity. The company acknowledges the increasing integration of technology in homes and the essential nature of home technology services.

For more information, please visit the Daisy’s website here.

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