Baracode Announces BMind, a Smart Mirror for Mental Health at CES 2024

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Baracoda, a company specializing in daily health technology, has recently announced the launch of BMind, an AI-powered smart mirror designed to support mental wellness. The mirror is the first of its kind, equipped to recognize the user’s mood and offer stress management assistance. It features a touchless interface, with gesture recognition and voice command capabilities, developed on the CareOS platform.

The BMind smart mirror aims to provide personalized recommendations and experiences based on the user’s mental state. It facilitates evaluation of mental conditions and suggests exercises and activities to improve mood. The device is designed to integrate into daily routines by fitting into the bathroom environment, thereby enabling users to engage in mindfulness practices and alleviate feelings of loneliness through light, sound, and visual experiences.

BMind utilizes Generative AI for conversation and coaching, as well as Natural Language Processing for sentiment analysis. The device can conduct light therapy sessions and auto-generate mindfulness exercises, including guided meditation and self-affirmations, by adapting to the user’s mood.

The underlying technology of BMind is the CareOS operating system, which allows for the creation of smart mirrors and the integration of third-party applications within the mirror’s interface. BMind is compatible with over 40 providers, including partnerships with ThrivePal for personalized coaching programs and Inclusive Brains, which combines generative AI with neurophysiology.

CareOS prioritizes privacy by storing health and personal data locally and requiring explicit user consent for data sharing. Baracoda’s CEO, Thomas Serval, emphasizes the importance of including mood in daily wellness routines as a way to enhance preventative health measures. The company is focused on creating health technology that is unobtrusive and seamlessly integrates into everyday life, reducing the need for manual software updates or data interpretation.

For more information on BMind and Baracoda’s health technology products, visit the baracoda’s website here.

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