Are You Owed Money? Class Action Settlement Against Vivint Smart Home

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Vivint, Inc., a company that provides smart home security solutions, has come to an agreement to settle a lawsuit. This legal action accused Vivint of improperly accessing people’s credit information without permission and setting up accounts they didn’t authorize. It’s important to note that Vivint has not admitted to doing anything wrong. This settlement isn’t about deciding if the accusations are true. Instead, it’s a way for everyone involved to avoid the cost and time of continuing to fight in court. A judge in Birmingham, Alabama, has given this settlement an initial thumbs-up.

As part of the agreement to settle this matter, Vivint has promised to put together a fund of $9,750,000. People who are part of the lawsuit (known as Class Members) and who fill out a proper form asking for reimbursement can get a share of this fund. If someone had an account opened in their name without their permission and Vivint took the account to collections, they could get as much as $1,200. If there were additional accounts opened without going to collections they could get $250 for each one. However, the exact amount of money each person gets might change. It depends on how many people ask for a share.

If you think you’re owed money from this settlement, you need to fill out and send in a Claim Form by June 7, 2024. You can find out how to do this by visiting the settlement’s website at This website has all the details on how to send your form either online or by regular mail. It also explains what you can do if you don’t want to be part of the settlement or if you have objections to it.

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