Aqara Smart Camera Gesture Recognition Video

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Aqara recently released a video demonstrating their gesture recognition features for their smart cameras.

Smart cameras these days seem to come with the ability to detect people, faces, and pets as a given. Most of this recognition is happening locally on the smart camera ( or it should be in our opinions ). This lets you detect your dog, the neighbor’s cat, or your friends on your cameras and get alerts for them or any unknown visitors.

Aqara has added something new into the mix with their new gesture recognition capabilities. There are five different gestures that Aqara’s smart cameras are able to recognize; the “V” sign, the number four, a high five, a “Finger gun” and an “OK” sign. This lets you automate different behaviors in your smart home tied to these different gestures.

Check out Aqara’s video demo’ing this feature below!

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