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Aqara, a provider of smart home products, has recently announced that a selection of its devices is now available for purchase on in the United States. This development is a part of Aqara’s expansion efforts in the US market. Previously, Aqara’s products have been sold through several online channels, including Amazon, Newegg, and The inclusion of adds another significant retail option for customers in the US looking to purchase Aqara smart home devices.

We love Aqara products here, seriously they’re all over our “Buy over and over” list.

Aqara’s products are known for their wide compatibility with the Matter standard, which aims to unify the smart home industry. Furthermore, Aqara devices are compatible with major smart home ecosystems, such as Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Home Assistant. This compatibility makes Aqara a suitable choice for consumers aiming to establish or expand their smart home setup.

The Aqara products available on include:

Smart Video Doorbell G4: This doorbell offers 1080p video quality and features local AI-enabled facial recognition. It can be powered by batteries or connected to existing doorbell wires and supports remote monitoring of visitors and packages.

Smart Lock U100 Kit: This kit includes a deadbolt lock with various unlock methods, including Apple home keys and fingerprints. The kit also contains an Aqara Hub E1 and two NFC cards.

Presence Sensor FP2: Utilizing millimeter-wave technology, this sensor provides precise human presence detection, zone positioning, and the ability to detect multiple persons. It also supports fall detection and sleep monitoring.

Hub M2: This is a smart home hub designed to connect and control Aqara devices and integrate with third-party home automation devices.

Door and Window Sensor P2: Aqara’s first Matter-over-Thread device, which detects the opening of doors and windows in real-time and supports a variety of smart home platforms.

Door and Window Sensor T1: Based on the Zigbee 3.0 protocol, this sensor alerts users to the real-time status of doors and windows.

Temperature and Humidity Sensor T1: Also using the Zigbee 3.0 protocol, it monitors indoor climate conditions, including temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure.

Water Leak Sensor T1: This sensor detects potential flooding and can trigger notifications or alarms to prevent water damage.

Wireless Mini Switch T1: A compact, versatile switch that uses Zigbee 3.0 protocol and can be programmed with three configurable actions to control other smart home devices or scenes.

Aqara’s devices on Best Buy can be found here.

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